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Portrait, 1924

The Russian-born painter Romain de Tirtoff, who called himself Erté after the French pronunciation of his initials, was one of the foremost fashion and stage designers of the early twentieth century. From the sensational silver lamé costume, complete with pearl wings and ebony-plumed cap, that he wore to a ball in 1914, to his magical and elegant designs for the Broadway musical Stardust in 1988, Erté pursued his chosen career with unflagging zest and creativity for almost 80 years. On his death in 1990, he was hailed as the "prince of the music hall" and "a mirror of fashion for 75 years".

Velvet and ermine gown worn by Aileen Pringle in The Mystic, 1929

Ann Pennington, 1925 and costume created for her by Erte, 1927

Mistinguett in Marvels of the Orient, 1917

Improvised Cage, costume for the Greenwich Village Follies 1922

Charleston, costume for George White's Scandals, 1925

Costume, A Slow Movement, 1918

Precious Stone, George White's Scandals, 1928

Carrot, Vegetable Ballet, George White's Scandals, 1926

Erte, The Whip

Erte Ballet

Mother of Pearl, The Treasures of Indochina, 1922

Curtain, The Treasures of Indochina, 1922

The Guadalquivir, costume for The Rivers, 1923

I scanned these images.  You can see much more of his artwork at this lovely website: http://www.erte.com/

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