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UPDATED ANNOUNCEMENT: Community Moved to Dreamwidth

Hello all. I'm currently the only active moderator on this community. Due to LiveJournal's newest Terms of Service, I will be leaving LiveJournal.

I have moved the community over to Dreamwidth, and it can be found here at theflappers (As of 3:00PM Central time on 7 April 2017, it's in the process of being transferred over to DW; please allow a day or so for all the posts and comments in the community archive to show up.)

While the community will remain up here on LiveJournal, it won't be active and I may not be around to moderate. Please contact me if you'd like to be a moderator, or if there are any issues here on theflappers now or in the future. You can find me at agent-mimi over on Dreamwidth.


I am a new member and just wanted to stop by and say hello. I love things that are old-timey, and am glad to have stumbled across this community. I love flappers/their style. A lot of my shuffling (LOL, yes, I just said shuffling) is inspired by flappers and their moves. =^_^=

Long ago I made myself a tank top, inspired by flapper dresses, it was awesome...I wish I still had it!

Maybe I'll make another! :D
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